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Moto-Tech Automotive Ltd. offers outstanding auto service, affordable prices and trustworthy advice from a friendly team of professional auto mechanics. We’ve served Nanaimo drivers since 1981. On this page, read reviews from our satisfied customers, and contact us to experience our friendly service for yourself.

Always nice to be charged less than expected. :)
-Nick S.

Enjoyable visit, thorough explanation.
-Twyla G.

Can't Thank You enough!!
Thank You.
-Iona M.

Work on car was thoroughly explained to me.
Service was great and employees were very friendly.
You guys ROCK!!
-Lauren V.

Hal: Just a short note of thanks for the servicing that your team did to my Passat. It's refreshing to deal with a service minded company that goes the extra mile to explain a particular situation with a vehicle. The situation may not be critical to the day-to-day operation of the vehicle but is explained fully with a logical solution/schedule to effect correction. I particularly appreciated your contacting me with updates as the servicing process progressed. Thanks again.
-David L.

Hal was excellent in explaining everything prior to doing anything. The bill was what he said it would be and I'll be back with my Mazda 3.
-Bruce C.

Love them. They treat us like family.
-Shannon I.

I am impressed by the time taken to understand the work completed and the work needed to complete.
It is nice to feel confident about the money I spend.

Refreshing to find honesty and integrity in a vehicle repair facility. Hal and staff have treated us like family and ensured we will be back and tell others of the positive experience we have had here. Thank you!
-Terry & Kare I.

Very good and I am very satisfied, will be back.
-Robert A.

I'm totally impressed with Hal and Lou.
I'm completely satisfied with the oil change and the car repairs.
-Deb K.

Very good service, nice people.
-Ian M.

-Jim C.

Outstanding service!!! We should all operate our business at the same level.
-Mathiew W.

Thank you for explaining the work done and why it was needed. Much appreciated.
-Julia S.

Professional service – Thanks.
-Greg K.

I keep coming back because I trust the estimated and the work done. I appreciate Hal explaining what needs to be done and what has been done.
-Alexia P.

Efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, overall excellent service.
-Cindy N.

Pleasant experience. Very Informative. Thank You!
-Darlene W.

Issues were clearly explained. The repair was outlined to correct the problem. They allowed me to view the area where the car was being worked on. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Very friendly, considerate and courteous.
-Frank P.

Great place to deal with. Understanding of the problems are the mainstay of the business.

Fun place to deal.
-Joe H.

When there's a problem, they won't let you go without knowing what it is. It is their determination that makes the difference.
-Louis T.

Always a pleasure to do business here.
-Paul B.

Very Thankful.
-Harry K.

Informative, Fair and Honest. Great work.
-Lee W.

Usual professional service.
-Bob S.

Awesome service!!
-Iona M.

-Norm A.

Friendly fast great service. Was able to get us in right away.
-Adrienne H.

The dogs are never here when I come in – they must be invisible.
-MaryAnn F.

Excellent work, fair prices.
-James P.

Always deliver on their promises, Great communication!

-Mathias D.

Been pleased for over 20 years and never had a problem with the cars they work on.
-Jonathon K.

Good work.
-Clement L.

I only use this mechanic in Nanaimo.
-Rachele L.

Great service and very informative explanations.
-G. S.

Service is fantastic. I will be back.
-Greg C.

Very helpful and informative.
-Steve J.

Thanks for taking the time to explain everything so carefully. I feel very well looked after.
-Simon S.

Happy customer.
-Elwood M.

Satisfied with the work I had done.
-Duncan C.

Friendly, reliable on time. Thanks!

It’s always good to have honest people on your side.
-Kurtis P.

Great service, Nice guys.
-Greg C.

I appreciate your explanations of work.
-Alice Q.

-Nike M.

Would recommend for top service and information before repairs have been started. Workmanship is top notch with friendly service with a smile.
-Arvo P.

Thanks for the excellent service.
-Blake P.

-Robert B.

Best experience yet with automotive centers. Thanks for the sunflower seeds.
-Jim L.

Great service, good people, will be here again.
-Leo G.

Been here since 2000, Very happy with the service.
-Harold J.

Very good service. Very patient with my back alley mechanical problems. Very gracious, very fair price.
-Wayne C.

Great Service.
-Stephen Z.

Great service, very honest and friendly. Will definitely be back and would recommend to all.

Very good service, over 20 years doing business with Moto-Tech.
-Lorne C.

Very friendly and speedy service.
-Anita C.

Good Service.
-I. N.

Thankfully and cheerfully received and serviced.
-Ray G.

Happy with service.
-Irving N.

Very good service.
-Peter H.

Educational, owners and workers very friendly.
-Randir B.

For the last 10 years I have gone nowhere else. I have also sent a number of friends and they are still speaking to me. In short, I am more than happy.
-Don I.

Super as always.
-Paul B.

Customer since 2001. Excellent service! The best in town.
-Gill L.

Good work!
-Andrew L.

Great community feel!
-Anne S.

Service is personal and excellent. Information is given freely and free. Good place to deal.
-Vickie P.

Quick appointment time available (next day) Fast service. Lots of information, Thanks.
-Rob K.

-Eric P.

Very professional.
-Peter K.

Honest and direct.
-Norm A.

Excellent work. Thanks.
-James A.

Thanks for getting our burnishers back up and running. You stand behind your work and it is much appreciated.
-Tyson K.

Very courteous staff. Friendly, professional, fast service.
-Ben H.

Wonderful service. Appreciate having things explained.
-Karen L.

Excellent service. Always a pleasure doing business.
-Doug E.

Very informative and customer oriented.
-Glenn C.

Very happy!!!
-Bill V.

Super guys!
-Kim T.

Service beyond expectations.
-Peter H.

Good Job.
-Rich L.

Thanks for the quick service!
-Julia S.

Very happy as always.
-William V.

Very good. I will tell my friends when coming to the island, come to see Hal if you need help.
-Alan Z.

Awesome service. Thank-You so much!
-Iona M.

Very good service.
-Jim B.

Great service, been coming here for years.
-Carey H.

Good service.
-Ken S.

Very food customer service. Great professionalism.
-Ronan L.

Excellent service, have already recommended someone.
-Alex M.

Excellent service. Pleasant experience.
-Peter W.

Great service, lots of information about my car.
-Scarlet T.

Hal: Just a short note of thanks for the servicing that your team did to my Passat. It's refreshing to deal with a service-minded company that goes the extra mile to explain a particular situation with a vehicle.

The situation may not be critical to the day-to-day operation of the vehicle but is explained fully with a logical solution/schedule to effect correction.

I particularly appreciated your contacting me with updates as the servicing process progressed. Thanks again.
-David L.

Been pleased for over 20 years and never had a problem with the cars they work on.
-Jonathon K.

Honest awesome job. Thank you.
-Elona B.

Good service, fair prices and honest.

Everything is perfect for me.
-Ming Q.

Good service!
-Eric J.

Great service and advice, THNX
-Dennis M.

Great service for 30+ years.
-Dave C.

Thank You!
-Sally C.

Recommended by Dave, I am very pleased.
-Alex W.

I would recommend this quick friendly service repair station to everyone :)
-Marguerite T.

Fantastic work! Very thorough inspection. Would recommend to anyone buying a vehicle!
-Scott S.

Exceeded my expectations in every way possible.
-Brian J.

Very happy with service and quality.
-Phil D.

Very helpful, THANKS.
-Mark H.

Very helpful and friendly staff. Quality work. I will recommend this company to my friends and family.
-Derrik S.

After 9 months travelling the world, the only place we wanted to go back with our car was here.
-Louis T.

Excellent service as always!! Thanks again.
-Matt B.

Very good Service. Very pleased. Would recommend to others.
-Ron H.

Very happy with services.
-Jim O.

Performed as promised.
-Jim M.

Staff always pleasant. Good clear suggestions made.
-Arlene H.

Excellence all round.
-Brian J.

Excellent service, fast and thorough. Very polite. Thank you so much. I will be back.
-Brent W.

Good Job! Thank you!
-Andre L.

Happy 30-year customer.
-Bruce R.

Everything was great. If I ever had a problem I would come again without thinking. Thank You.
-Francois L.

Best Service!
-Jim C.

-Joan M.

Sensational service. Great attitude. 5 Stars.
-Ben Y.

Nothing but smiles from me! These guys are fantastic!
-Wilson P.

Excellent service. Easy to get truck in and done right away.
-Jim O.

Honest people. Will be back. Thanks.
-Harvey W.

Showed me on paper what adjustment to be made before any work was performed. Great service, Plus, they gave my dog treats.
-Jason M.

Very pleasant.
-Neil G.

-Robert B.

Great service.
-Mabel J.

Excellent tire service.
-Nick B.

I am extremely satisfied with the service I received today. My expectations were exceeded and I will definitely be coming back. The job was done quickly and thoroughly. I'm a very happy customer! Thank you!
-Jessica G.

I would highly recommend Moto-Tech for any engine repair work.
-Della S.

They didn't stick to their quote - It was $50.00 less.
-Lee W.

Always get good service and pointers of things to be aware of with the vehicle.
-Joe B.

Always a pleasure doing business with you.
-Betty Anne H.

Good service, friendly environment.
-Piero S.

Good, no, excellent service.
-Murray G.

Fantastic! Sorry she gave you a hard time :)
-Josh D.

Terrific place. Recommend to everyone.
-Joan M.

Good professional advice which I will definitely accept.
-AnnaLise C.

Excellent work! Will recommend to friends.
-David W.

Fantastic service!
-Chad S.

Excellent service and have taken care of my vehicle for many years. Highly recommended!
-Mitzi A.

Great service. I feel that my car and myself are in good hands.
-Marisa L.

Very good work. Would recommend.
-Dale E.

Good work. Friendly service.
-Ron H.

Great work as usual.
-Daryl H.

Great service. Fast and efficient!
-Kael D.

All around, the best service.
-Adam M.

Honest quote for the costing of the repair. Knowledgeable staff. Excellent service. I was stuck in cedar for three weeks and now I feel secure again.
-Tony S.

Hal is the best! Thanks for the help.
-Lindsay C.

Thank you for the better than might have been expected service. Very pleasant experience.
-Neil G.

Got in quick and job done fast. Thanks.
-Allan H.

Excellent and prompt service as always. Will return for any further work required.
-Matt B.

Cost-minded excellent service.
-Lorne M.

Fair, well explained. Thorough recommendations. Thank-You.
-Dennis M.

Excellent service.
-Mike H.

Very good.
-Cliff W.

Enjoyed talking to Hal very much.
-Robert H.

WOW! Thanks for everything.
-Don I.

Great service and will be back very soon.
-Dan C.

I was very satisfied with the service I received.
-Sven F.

Back again-and-again as needed. Thanks.
-David L.

-Don E.

Very knowledgeable service.
-Jen H.

Very friendly people.
-June D.

Great service. Thank You.
-Sue K.

Good service.
-Darcy K.

Thank you for asking me before you fixed the headlights.
-Mary M.

Good job!
-Jim C.

Thanks, lifesaver.
-Chris R.

Excellent, Thank You.
-Brent T.

Very good service.
-Bob J.

Excellent place to rely on for auto service.
-Glen H.

Very happy with service.
-Floyd R.

Great service.
-Peter W.

Always been happy with the way Moto-Tech looks after my vehicle.
-Ray B.

Very thorough service. Like getting the explanations.
-Twyla G.

Great work.
-Bill M.

Excellent service.
-Peter H.

Good gob on tailgate.
-Earl H.

Very pleased and will recommend.
-Tiffany M.

Very satisfied.
-Mark S.

Seemed very knowledgeable and customer oriented.
-Glenn C.

Great work done.
-Wayne C.

Thanks, Good Service.
-Darlene W.

Good service, Good advice, will be back.
-Gaetan C.

Overall very pleased with service.
-Marguerite T.

Over 6 years, always excellent service.
-Phil D.


Thanks for all your help!

-Ken H.

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